White Hot Pool Table

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IMG_7771Check out this White Lacquer Aramith FusionTable we installed in Manhattan Beach, California.

The Fusion is an ultra modern, fully customizable dining/pool table featureing a sleek all steel frame. Our customers chose a white powder coat steel and white lacquer rails and top. The playing surface is covered with Simonis in Blue-Green.

This European design table can comfortably accommodate up to 10 people dining on it, then effortlessly lift to play a round of eight ball. All Aramith fusion tables have a built-in easy-lift system which changes from 30″ dining table height to 33″ pool table height.

Two New Dining Pool Table Options

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wood1The first addition to the Aramith Fusion lineup is the FusionTable WoodLine. The Woodline is a mix of sleek and minimalistic design with natural components. The wood tops and rails are carried on through to the base and legs, softening the industrial look of standard Fusion. Clean lines keep it contemporary and easy to pair with Fusion benches or your existing dining chairs.

vintage-categoryAlso, newly released, is the Fusion Vintage dining pool table. The Vintage features reclaimed wood timbers and a post-industrial metal frame. Old oak wooden floors have been sourced in rural Spain and recycled into beautiful vintage panels which are then married with old powder blue Simonis cloth.

Black and Walnut Fusion

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We installed this black matte Aramith FusionTable with walnut top in Rossmoor, California. This incredible dining pool table combination works perfectly in the space. Two Fusion Benches in all black provide seating for 6-8 with an option to add chairs at the ends to increase place settings.

The Fusion Pool Table is unique in its ability to go from standard dining height, then raise easily to play at the correct level, while keeping shots rolling straight every time. All the playing equipment including balls are stored within the table, safely and out of sight. When dinner (or breakfast) is over, the leaves are removed and rest nicely atop the benches below. Each end is raised in just a few seconds, leaving family and friends ready to rack up the first game.

Visit our Orange County Billiard Showroom to see how the Fusion operates and view different finish options available.

Dining Pool Table Combo

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The convertible Aramith Fusion is a modern designed dining table that converts quickly and easily to a pool table. The adjustable height keeps the billiard game at proper level, while keeping dining comfortable the rest of the time. The strong steel frame of this Belgian pool table supports the weight of the slate, while still keeping the minimalist look and low profile. The lack of large aprons and hanging pockets is what truly conceals the fact that this dining table is in fact a pool table. Amazingly, all playing equipment can be stored under the leaves and in the specially designed pockets.

Our Playa del Rey, California customer opted for the walnut veneer grey powder coat option of the FusionTable. The Fusion bench perfectly fits beneath and seats 3-4 people comfortably.

Visit our Orange County pool table showroom to view the Fusion in person and to see wood, powder coat, stainless, and lacquer options.

Dinner with a Side of Billiards

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This Fountain Valley, California family can finally have a spacious place to gather for a meal. Not only did they go through a lengthy remodel, they were stuck using a folding table for dinner when their FusionTable was delayed shipping from Belgium. They were (thankfully) incredibly patient and now have a gorgeous convertible dining/pool table to gather with family and friends.

They chose a Walnut Stainless Steel version of the Fusion paired with Simonis Mocha colored cloth. The two matching Fusion benches (sold separately) provide ample seating for at least 8, still leaving room on the ends to add more seating. They may look simple, but their heavy steel frame can withstand more weight than you think, without a single bow. They store perfectly underneath during billiard play.

The Aramith FusionTable comes standard with three dining leaves (different veneers available) to match the rails of the pool table hiding beneath. The pockets, although hidden, hold more balls than a standard antique style leather basket. And, one of the best, most unique features of the Fusion is the lift-lock legs that allows for both proper dining and playing height. All of your Aramith playing equipment can be stored within the table for everyday dining use. A lightweight but effective cover drapes over the felt to protect any drips from sneaking through the leaves.

Visit our Orange County showroom to learn more about the Fusion or call the Fusion Hotline 714-620-4001 and talk to DK about options available.

Dutchess Delivery

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Electric blue felt looks pretty awesome on this 8′ Warm Chestnut Dutchess. This North Hills, California homeowner was looking for a classic looking table to be the centerpiece of his converted formal living room. The C.L. Bailey Dutchess was a perfect choice, ticking off all the necessary requirements. Ball and claw legs, carved detailing, medium stain, solid wood build, one inch slate, K-66 profile cushions, and leather pockets were all top priority. We were able to fulfill his list at an affordable price.

The Dutchess is nice fit for folks looking for an affordable, well built pool table that also looks beautiful. Visit our Orange County billiard showroom to learn more about the C.L. Bailey construction and to see other tables from this family of great pool tables.

Purple Punch

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This Fullerton, California garage is being converted into a game room. We set this 8′ Blackhawk pool table up a couple of days before Christmas with a little extra help from my 8 year old.

The Teflon purple felt is bright, fun and surprisingly easy to play on. The Blackhawk features drop pockets and durable laminate finish. One inch slate and k66 cushions make this an affordable option without sacrificing any quality.

Visit our Orange County pool table showroom to find the right pool table for your gameroom.

Modern Gray Oak Pool Table with Dining Option

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A little punch of color is fun, but this Aramith FusionTable knocks it out of the park with Simonis chartreuse. Our San Juan Capistrano, California client was looking for colors to compliment his cabinets and lime green accent wall. He knew it would be close, but we were stunned at the match considering there wasn’t a cabinet or paint sample when he picked out his Grey Oak and Powder Coat dining/pool table. Needless to say, he was stoked.

The Fusion is a great option for folks looking for a modern looking dining table. The added bonus of a slate pool table hidden beneath the leaves makes for a wonderful surprise to guests. This billiard table has adjustable legs, allowing for both proper playing height and comfortable dining at the lower position. The level of the table remains true and is unaffected by the change.

View the FusionTable in person at our pool table showroom in Orange, California. Different stains and finishes are available, along with other contemporary and traditional pool table designs.

Modern-style Pool Table with Dining Top

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The Aramith FusionTable is a great option for folks who are looking for a dining table that converts to a pool table. This 7′ powder coat walnut in San Diego, California, is a perfect example of making room for billiards in a home.

This Fusion has a bright surprise under the dining leaves. The Euro Blue felt gives the room a jolt of color when you are playing, but stays under wraps the rest of the time.

Visit our Orange County billiard showroom to customize your Fusion with different steel finishes/coatings, cloth colors and wood options. Let us show you how to change the height with a click with Aramith’s patented lift assist system. It may be the perfect fit for your modern game room.

Modern White Pool Table

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White Lacquer Dining/Pool Table

Our customer was looking for an ultra-modern pool table for a dining room over looking the Pacific Ocean. The Aramith FusionTable was the perfect fit for his Pacific Palisades, California home. White powder coated steel frame paired with white lacquered top rails and dining leaves complete the newly minted entertaining space.

A sleek dining experience can turn into a fun game of pool with a convertible table like the Fusion. See this and other dining/billiard options in our Orange County showroom.