Refelting a Coin-op (Bar) Pool Table

Did you know that refelting in a coin operated pool table costs less than refelting a “regular” table. Part of the reason is because it is smaller, but the big reason is that it doesn’t have feather strips that hold in the cloth on the top rail. So if you’ve got a bar table in your garage and have been putting off that refelt think again!

As always, be sure to measure your pool table and look for a brand name before calling to schedule an appointment. Take a drive and visit us in our showroom to see all the different colors of cloth we stock. There is so much more than green!

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    • Tom, the tallest pocket liners we’ve seen are 4 inch. If you’re needing something taller then my suggestion is to buy a set of Heavy Duty drop pockets and cut part of the bottom of the pocket off then you should have what you need on top that is closer to 6 inches. We’ve never seen a coin-op bar pool table that takes 6 inch pocker liners. What brand is this table?

      • Thanks so much for getting back to me. I think the person that recovered my very old valley table did not match up the gulley boots with the 4″ new pockets, after a closer look.He installed black ones in place of the old red ones I had .Wish I had kelp the old ones. Thank U . Are red still availiable? TOM.

        • Great Tom, I’m not sure of the availability on the red pocket liners but you may be able to check they’d be my go to.
          Best, Dave.

  1. Hi there Mike,

    Not sure if this is too late… I just bought a 7′ table with 3 piece slate & disassembled, moved, assembled, leveled, joined the slate, replaced the cushions and refelted. Was not that difficult at all. Just take your time doing everything. All in, I’d say all of that took about 12 hours over 2 days. I’ve never done this before and the results were still fantastic. Perfect level, roll and play. Rubber cushions were $30 and a local pool table repair guy sold me good cloth for 70 bucks. Add 5 bucks for some beeswax and 10 bucks for 3m 77 for the pockets and you’re good to go. There’s plenty of information on the web.

    • Great job Sam, you sound like a very resourceful guy. If you have more time than money, doing it yourself can be fun! If you’re in O.C. and you need rubber shims for leveling your table we have them in different thicknesses. As for the 3M, we recommend 74. Cushion rubber can be a bit scary, as long as it’s not pink (except Bruns. K-55 Superspeed) you probably will get at least seven years out of them. Keep up the good work! dk

  2. hello Rory…I am in the moving busness just picked up a old 7′ table
    I don’t want to put a lot of money into this beast
    my lease is up in 2 years and I will not move it again (1 piece slate)
    what would it cost to re bumper and felt it and put on 6 pockets
    could i save some money if i brought the side rails to you for the repair ?
    could you e-mail me back please , thanks Mike

  3. Question. I am currently refelting my 7′ valley coin op table.
    1. I see no way to remove the edge pieces that the rails mount to, thus gaining access to the under side of the slate to secure the felt to while streaching?
    2. The felt is glued to the underside of the slate not stapled. Do you use spray adhesive to secure the felt to the top side of the slate while streching on coin op tables?
    3. As stated in question 1 the sides do not come off therefore there is no way to wrap the felt underneath the slate. Should I just get 3 of my friends and lift the slate out of the table, refelt it, then drop it back in?

    Any insight would be greatly apprecied.

    • Refelting a coin-op table does cost less money than a “regular” pool table, but unfortunately that doesn’t mean it is easy. Taking the slate out of the table is a step in the right direction. Answering any more of your questions would reveal trade secrets. We strive to as helpful as possible, but giving you too much (free) information wouldn’t be very good business practice on our part.

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