Browsing prices for pool tables online is a great way to get acquainted with costs and companies that sell pool tables. But you may want to take a closer look at the internet only companies that promise a lot and give nothing and many of these prices are way to much to ask for.

Today, a nice gentleman inquiring about an Aramith Fusion Pool Table relayed the following information to me. He explained that he ordered a dining room conversion pool table over the internet that was never delivered. Upon researching his options he found other folks, who had ordered from the same company.

Below is an excerpt from

Pool Tables Direct
PO Box 105603
Atlanta, Georgia 30348
Phone: 404-5371740
Fax: 877-904-8638

Submitted: Monday, June 15, 2009

Posted: Monday, June 15, 2009

Reported Bywarren, Pennsylvania
Ripoff Revenge
Below is the invoice of the purchase made in May of 2008 for a pool table with a dining conversion purchased for my church youth group to keep youth off the streets. Despite paying in FULL as shown below, I was told on numerous occassions when I was able to get through to a human that the tabledeliverywas being delayed. I was finally given a delivery date of December 26,2008 and to date despite almost daily calls I have not received a refund, nor the pool table.

I was told that the company domain name has been sold and that the number to reach the previous owner Tim Priebe is 719 388 8899, I have called and left at least 8 messages with his “secretary” and have not received a call back. It is impossible to speak with him directly. Not only is the church out a pool table for the youth, but we are out almost $3000 and unable to purchase a pool table for the church.

After reviewing other similar complaints it is important to note that I did report the fraud to the FTC, to BBB, Billiards congress of America, and the US Chamber of Commerce. I was told by the BBB  Coloradothat they received no response from the company to numerous calls and efforts to reach the company.

Transaction Number: 0004429134


Thank you for placing your order with Pool Tables Direct.

This Automated e-mail message is to confirm that your order

has been processed.

Our goal is to provide 100% customer satisfaction.

Please take a few minutes to review the details of your order.

Order Date: Monday 26th of May 2008

Email Address: xxxxxxx
Phone Number: (814) xxxxxxxx

Shipping Details
Full Name: xxxxxxxx xxxxxx
Address: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Russell, PA, 16345






Item Subtotal:

$ 2899.00

Insurance & Crating: $





Finance Fee:







$ 2899.00


Method of Payment: Credit Card
Authorization Code: XXXXXX
AVS Response: Address and 5-digit ZIP match.


Bilked in pa
warren, Pennsylvania

Googling this company will bring up many other stories of those scammed. Please, be cautious when placing an order for a pool table online. This is unfortunately not the first time we have heard horror stories like this. We are growing increasingly concerned with the number of unsatisfied customers of internet only companies. Pool Tables Direct is currently still in business.