4 thoughts on “Coin Operated Pool Tables: Part Two”

  1. I have a late-50’s/early-60’s National coin-op 7ft. table. My first challenge was to move it into a 3rd floor apartment. I built a cardboard box the size of the table (without legs) and did a “dry run” to make sure it would make all the turns.

  2. Hi,

    I’m just wondering if it’s possible to dismantle the cabinet of a coin operated table. I’d like to put one in my basement but I’m not sure the cabinet would fit down the stairs in one piece.

    • It depends on the brand of coin-op pool table. If it’s a Valley the legs come off. The cabinet does disassemble, but we would discourage this at all costs. You would essentially be undoing what was done at the factory and putting it back together would most likely cause the pool table to play differently. Not to mention, there is NO easy way to get a coin-op up or down stairs. I would suggest a home table with three pieces of slate for a basement. If you aren’t feeling the furniture style looks of most tables, dig a bit deeper. There are modern and retro looking tables out there that might be better fit for you basement.

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