Yet Another American Heritage with Dead Cushions


This week in Fullerton, CA we finished up another American Heritage recushion job. A great looking, well built pool table that is about 5 years old should not need recushioning. I just can’t believe how many of these pool tables have bad rubber! But now, with new cushions and new felt (and a new spot in the house) this table plays as good as it looks.

If you want to test your cushion rubber on your pool table at home, do the following simple tests: Standing at the side of the pool table, roll a ball firmly away from you (along the width of the table) the ball should make 3-4 cushion to cushion contacts before coming to rest. Do this test to all side rail cushions. Also test the end rail cushions by standing at the end the table and firmly rolling a ball away from you (along the length of the table) the ball should make 2-3 cushion to cushion contacts before coming to rest. The telltale sign of a “dead” cushion is a “thud” noise on contact. Cushions should be quiet and lively. The normal lifespan for cushion rubber is 20-25 years, although some tables last longer. If the pool table has been exposed to direct sunlight, cushion rubber life will be reduced. And, of course, as we mentioned in this post and a few other posts, there are pool tables less than 6 years old with bad rubber.

5 thoughts on “Yet Another American Heritage with Dead Cushions”

  1. I have an American Heritage table with four dead rails. I would like to have them all replaced. Can I order these from you?

    • Hello Steve. We can install new cushion rubber on your American Heritage pool table. I’d recommend un-bolting the six rails and wrapping them tightly into a thick moving furniture pad and taping it tightly together using heavy duty packing tape. Another avenue to try would be to contact the manufacturer and demand that they replace all of the cushion rubber free of charge. The normal life expectancy of cushion rubber is 20-30 years. All of the American Heritage tables we service for cushion rubber replacement are all less than ten years old. Some of these tables were as little as five years old. This type of premature cushion rubber deterioration only happens because the manufacturer used a very pool quality blend of rubber. They should take care of it for you. Good luck!

    • I,m sorry, but not surprised to hear that. In fact, six out of 10 American Heritage pool tables serviced by us always have at least two to three “dead” cushions. Jeremy, what are you planning on doing to fix the problem? We’ve had a lot of success in replacing the cushion rubber on our clients rails without having to refelt them. Where are you located?

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