This poor pool table sat in this Santa Ana, CA garage for a year while it’s owner found a permanent home. Thank God for understanding parents, While their son was out looking for a house to buy this newly acquired toy sat unused for a year on the garage floor just like you see it pictured here. Apparently our client (the son of said parents) had a buddy who was getting a divorce and refused to let the “ex” obtain the pool table. So he let his buddy have it for a steal of a deal, the only catch, it needed to be moved asap!

So in come the six friends and a pick-up truck routine, I’ve seen it before and I’m sure I’ll see it again. It’s not the safest way to move a slate pool table, but when the “ex” might get the thing, all hands on deck. The only obvious damage sustained were some gouges and scratches near the bottom of the frame and a couple of loose rails and blind aprons. So, destination, our client’s parent’s garage floor. Here it sat until Sonny Boy found himself some new diggs, which he did… in a nice 1920’s Santa Ana, CA home.

So we schedule the job for our client and show up at the parent’s house to dismantle the pool table and load it up. The felt on the slate was in pretty bad shape, there was a big tear in it. The rail cloth was still ok, our client thought about refelting the whole table but I mentioned to him that leaving the  camel colored felt on the rails and refelting the bed with black cloth would look cool. He liked the idea of having a black & tan pool table, we were also able to save him some money too! It was win-win for him, because he was having a party later that evening.