Fusion Pool Table Move

Here is a closer look at the intricacies of safely moving an Aramith “Fusion Pool Table” We sold this dining/pool table to a great mind in Los Angeles, CA a couple of years ago. Last Saturday she hired us to move her prized Fusiontable to her new compound in Pacific Palisades, CA. The Aramith “Fusion” pool table is still very new. In fact, this is the first fusion that we have actually moved for someone. The design of the fusiontable is very innovative and well thought out. The playing surface is actually made up of one single piece of slate, which weighs approximately 300 lbs. Also keep in mind that when the four legs are carefully removed, the frame still weighs more than 300lbs. The majority of the bolts that hold the fusiontable together can be removed/installed with one single allen wrench! Don’t ever try to move a fusiontable without properly disassembling all the key components.  Thanks Jean!

2 thoughts on “Fusion Pool Table Move”

  1. looking for a hard table top dinning type top for my 7′ tabel. Honey color.
    Have any ideas?
    Please write me soon.

    • We sell inserts for most sizes of pool tables. You could also go with a full wood dining table top. The price on the wood tops are around $1200. The inserts are around $250. On the other hand you could also go down to Home Depot and buy a 4×8 sheet of plywood and cut it in half. Maybe even put some hinges in the center for easier storage of the wood when not in use. Good luck! dk

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