Here’s a pool table we finished setting up last week in Yorba Linda, CA. Our client had purchased this seven foot three piece slate pool table used from a guy in San Clemente, CA. We disassembled it and moved it into our client’s home. This seven footer was formerly covered with Laker’s purple colored felt. Our client was not thrilled with purple felt, he wanted to change it up a bit. He decided to go with gold felt on the slate and bobcat animal print on the rails.

Unfortunately this pool table was manufactured using inferior cushion rubber adhesive. Once we arrived at the client’s home in Yorba Linda, we started to strip the old purple rail cloth from the rails. I immediately noticed that cushion rubber was not attached properly to the rails. I explained to my client that if we did not repair the cushions the table would play very poorly. (He actually noticed a rattling sound when he was at the seller’s home checking out the pool table.) He decided to have us replace all of the cushions with new “Velocity K-66” rubber. Even though the existing cushion rubber was only three years old and still had a little bounce left in it, it was pink in color and could not be trusted. It only cost him about $75.00 dollars more for all new material.

I personally do not trust cushion rubber that is pink in color. I have seen this type of cushion rubber deteriorate in as little as four years. It’s a craps shoot, you might get 15 years out of them or you could have hardened cushions in as little as three years. We guarantee our cushion rubber for fifteen years. The C.L. Bailey Co. uses this same cushion rubber on their all of the pool tables they manufacture. I personally stand behind this cushion rubber and believe it to be one of the best  in the Billiard Industry.