Got Tight Pockets?

We recently did a job for an up and coming pool player from Orange, CA. He found himself a used nine foot World of Leisure pool table on Craigslist. He hired us to dismantle and move this mammoth three piece slate table to his mobile home. My client wanted his pool table setup as a practice table, so the placement was a bit unconventional. He had me shove the frame all the way into the corner of his doublewide. This would allow him to have a professional size pool table to perfect his nine ball game, and not upset his roommates by plopping a huge pool table right in the center of their living room.

My client plays a lot of pool at Danny K’s pool hall in Orange, CA. He plans on competing there in tournaments and wants to hone his game by practicing on a table with tight pockets. When he contacted me to talk about about the modifications he wanted done to his pool table, there were two things that were very important to him. 1) He asked that we shim down the corner and side pockets to 4.25″ & 4.5″. 2) He wanted Championship “Tour Edition” cloth in tournament blue (aka electric blue).


4 thoughts on “Got Tight Pockets?”

  1. I am having the same issue in Canada tables for homes have larger pocket openings to make it more fun corner pockets are 4.75″ and side pockets are 5.25 but WPA specifications for tournament play are 4.5 for corners and 5 for sides. these measurments are from point to point of outside rail

  2. With that kind of tight pocket, it needs to adjust the angle. Hard Times pool table has tight pocket opening with adjusted angle for the throat. Whatever stroke ( strong, medium or soft ) the play on the opening is perfect, even the ball hits the rail first. All pool table pocket must have the same effect even though they have different mouth measurement. Your customer probably didn’t think about that, probably right now he’s doing all soft strokes just to avoid ball bounce out the pocket. For now, his mind set is stock on a soft stroke which might affect when it comes to positioning the ball specially if it is a long shot. His mind saying if I hit it hard stroke, ball will bounce out the pocket.

  3. angles are still the same! tendency the ball will struggle on both inner facing, chances to pocket the ball most likely below 60%. Most 8 foot pool table are 5 inch opening with an angle of 40 degrees, so if you’re tightening the pocket to 4-4.12 opening, then your angle must be 45 degrees. this will be the same play with the original pool table. It happened to our friend who use to tighten his pocket and ended up frustrated. Physics explain the measures and angle. For sure, you noticed the it, not because the pockets was small but the effect of the angle. Hope this might help.

    • This customer asked for this to be done to perfect his game. He wanted his shots to be VERY difficult. Most folks aren’t looking to make things harder for themselves. Changing the angles is possible, although unnecessary for this type of modification.

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