Help, My Balls Keep Falling Out!

Here’s a job we recently did for our clients in Huntington Beach, CA. They moved into this home in which the former owners had left this eight foot slate pool table behind. The pool table was manufactured by the now defunct, Regal Billiards of Wesminster, CA. This was one of Regal’s earliest pool tables which was built using a one piece slate, they later switched to a three piece slate design. My client had finally had enough of the balls falling through the pockets and onto floor. I brought out a new set of brown leather pockets to replace the original 40 year old ones.

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  1. Thank you for the quick reply. This particular table I’m looking at is a screaming deal even if it were a low grade slate table. The solid oak cabinet, leather pockets, and 2+ inch thick frame are qualities that will help increase the value in later years. I think I may be able to change the legs to a more supportive design if it seems too unstable after I get it set up. I’m a bit nervous about moving the one piece slate though- the 9 ft Murrey I had years ago was a challenge to move even with a 3 piece slate. However, overall it will be a fun project and fun addition to my household. Too bad your company doesn’t service Oregon! Your website is a great resource though. Keep it up and thanks again!

    • Sure thing Eric. It’s hard to pass up a great deal!! As far as the one piece slate goes, it weighs 450lbs. I like to refer to those as “widow-makers” especially if there are any stairs involved. Just have a couple of furniture dollies and a couple of friends at the ready. Slow and steady!

  2. This (and the post from Dec. 2009) is the only mention I have been able to find on the web of Regal Billiards. I’m interested in any information you may have regarding the Regal Company. I’m considering buying a Regal table and am curious about the quality of their tables and how/ why the company folded.

    • Good morning Eric, Regal Mfg. pool tables are decent. The earlier models were made using one piece slates, in my opinion not the best way to build a pool table, but hey, everyone, even Olhausen started out building pool tables with a one piece slate. The only down side to owning a Regal table with the pedestal leg design is that the legs don’t do a very good job of supporting the weight of the cabinet and slate. There is a lot of flex between the claw legs where they connect to the two pedestals and even more flex where the pedestals mount to the cabinet. It’s a beautiful looking design but not the most stable for supporting hundreds of pounds of weight plus the weight that a shooter imparts on the table while playing. As far as I know, the gentleman who started Regal Mfg. passed away more than a decade ago and when he did his wife tried keeping the company alive but was unsuccessful and ended up closing the doors. So all in all Regal pool tables are good, if you can find one with legs that mount directly to the cabinet you’ll be better off. Likewise, if you can locate a Regal that was built using a three piece slate design you’d be much better off. Thank you for your comment Eric.

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