The revolutionary Rapid Rail reflects our commitment to constantly improve our design through innovation. It combines engineering and superior materials to provide awesome ball response. Each individual rail is laid out and drilled to proportionally accept four rail bolts instead of the industry standard three. The additional rail bolts provide a more consistent rail tension for more consistent play. When integrated with ICON cushions, imported from England’s finest ISO 9001 rubber manufacturer and available only through Connelly, the result is a precise and true ball response which actually even sounds better. The Rapid Rail is a standard feature on all Connelly models.

Four bolts per rail
Four 3/8″ rail bolts in each rail results in a much tighter rail for superior ball response and quieter play.
The ICON by Connelly
Quite simply the best playing cushion made today. A natural rubber formulation with the perfect touch of materials technology. The ICON is a full profile K-66 cushion featuring canvas backing and a response-enhancing compression groove.*
Integrated rail profile
Solid popular rail bottom designed in tandem with our ICON cushion to offer the best in precise and consistent play.
Premium rail hardware
Connelly policy is no wimpy hardware. Self locking dome tooth washers and t-nut fasteners insure your rail system will remain tight and responsive for many years.

*Tombstone and Quartzite models are not currently available with the ICON cushion.