Here is a billiard table cloth recovery job we just did in Laguna Beach, CA. The clients have an eight foot billiard table manufactured by the now defunct Vitalie Mfg. This French inspired billiard table called the Le Mieux was formerly covered in Simonis 860 cloth. The homeowners just recently remodeled their billiard room room and unfortunately their contractor had his men move the billiard table to other side of the room. In process of moving the table around the room one of the leg mounting bolts was torn out of the top of the leg, fortunately we were able to repair it without disassembling the billiard table completely. Also as a result of the table being moved incorrectly, some of the slate leveling wedges had fallen out, possibly from the frame being slightly twisted as it was man-handled. As a result this left the slate seams noticeably uneven and also made all of the balls roll to right side of the table. But after a few tweaks to slate and a lot of shims under the legs, I was able to produce a very level playing field again.