Installing a Pool Table on Wood Floors

This is an eight foot slate pool table made by the now defunct Artisan pool tables of Placentia, CA. My client had purchased this pool table no more than five years ago and already the cushions were shot. We were contacted by this client because they were about to replace the wood floors in their game room. After speaking with us and learning about the potential damage that could occur if they allowed their flooring guys to move the pool table, they decided to err on the side of caution, and hired us to disassemble their pool table and move it out to the garage while the floors were being done.

On the day we came out to break down the pool table, I noticed that the cushions were dead. I mentioned this to my client and he said he noticed that some of his rails were “bouncing a little slower”. But he assumed that since the pool table was so new, it must have been the way he was shooting. Not true. In fact, good quality cushion rubber should have average life expectancy of  20 years. My client decided to have us re-cushion his rails so that they would all bounce correctly.

About two weeks later my client’s floors were ready. We brought his newly re-cushioned and refelted rails back to the house and started assembling his pool table. My client had concerns about the legs of the pool table damaging his new floors. But after hearing about our special leg leveling shims, which are made out of rubber, he realized that his floors would be protected from any damage.

4 thoughts on “Installing a Pool Table on Wood Floors”

  1. How would we be able to purchase the rubber shims to protect our new floor when we move our pool table? The feet are approximately 4″ x 6″. Haven’t been able to find anything online that I feel would work. Thanks for your help.

    • Hello Cindy, I emailed you back yesterday. Yes I have shims available for sale, I needed to know which thicknesses you require.
      Best, David.

  2. I am renting a house from my parents with all hardwood floors so they dont want a pool table in here. What could o do to make absolutely sure I wont harm the floor?

    • Good question Nate. If you want to know what the best leveling shims to use for installing a pool table on hardwood floors. We always use custom made shims manufactured out of three inch diameter rubber. I use them on every hard surface floor for leveling the pool table cabinet to the floor. I have them available in four different thicknesses. Nate, if you’re worried more about the pool table balls jumping off the table and denting the floor then I’d suggest buying a cheap five by nine foot area rug first then install your pool table on top of it.
      Thanks for your comment, Dave.

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