This is an Emergency refelt job we did for a client in Long Beach, CA. The client actually lives around the corner, her daughter was house sitting while the owners of the pool table were on vacation. Our office received a frantic phone call from a woman who explained the details of the mishap. Apparently the daughter and her boyfriend were playing a game of pool and she unknowingly grabbed a cuestick that had a very worn down tip on it. In her defense, she may not be totally to blame. I’ll assume that this seven foot Olhausen pool table had been setup up in this spot for at least 10 years. The room that it’s in has windows all around, which meant that it gets drenched in sunlight on a daily basis. I know that the pool table was never covered because when I took off the rails the felt below was a totally different color. The felt had been so sun bleached that when I first arrived at the house I thought the felt color was “khaki”, when it actually was “camel”. So, getting back to culprits. Yes, the daughter may have physically caused the damage to the felt. But it was the severely sun damaged felt and a worn down cuestick tip that were the two key factors that are really to blame.

So, the moral of this story? Well, there are actually several, but the main one I think is to keep your pool cues in good condition. When the leather tip at the end of the cuestick gets worn down to the thickness of a dime, stop using it immediately. You can bring your cuesticks in to us to be repaired. Or we can sell you a cuestick repair kit which is a lot less money than refelting your pool table. The second moral is to keep your pool table covered if it is exposed to direct sunlight. We sell covers ranging in price from $25-$120.