This was an awesome delivery my crew and I did yesterday at our client’s penthouse crib. He lives atop the Essex Skyline in Santa Ana, CA. A very modern looking apartment building and decor calls out for something exactly like the Aramith Fusion Dining Table. This European marvel is from Belgium’s very own world renown Saluc S.A., makers of the world’s finest billiard balls. Aramith has created a unique melding, or fusing if you will, of two very important human traits. The need for communal nourishment and a yearning for in-home entertainment is fused perfectly with the Fusion Table by Aramith.
The ultra modern dining table is large enough to seat up to 10 persons comfortably, all the while concealing a real slate billiard table underneath. Although the dining table area is large, the actual pool table surface is that of typical “bar” or “pub” size pool table. The cushions are standard, BCA approved K-66 profile, which provides a tournament quality bounce from the rails. The billiard cloth used to cover the the one piece slatebed and rails is of high quality worsted wool, just like the pros play on. The all steel body is available in powder coated or stainless steel, depending on your budget and/or decor.

We’re an authorized Fusion Table dealer in Orange, CA and have both the stainless steel and powder coated tables on display in pool table showroom. If the ultra modern look isn’t your cup of tea, we also carry a full line of traditional billiard/pool tables from our domestic manufacturer, Connelly Billiards, and our value priced import line from the CL Bailey Co.