Here is a Connelly Billiards pool table we picked up in Pasadena, CA about five months ago. We dropped it off in the client’s garage until they could figure out what to do with it. It was donated to Olive Crest to use in one of their homes for underprivileged minors. Unfortunately, the donor of this Connelly eight foot slate pool table failed to mention to the folks at Olive Crest that it was missing all of the hardware needed to assemble it. Not to mention that the leather pockets were all rotted out from being stored so long. Also the cushion rubber was all dead, basically they donated a piece of junk that they didn’t want cluttering their garage anymore. They were probably unaware of the table’s condition. But either case, when we showed up at the Olive Crest home with what looked like a pile of pool table parts, no one knew what to do. So there it sat on the floor of the garage until they could raise the funds to fix it up and put it to good use.