A good pool table is one that uses slate as it’s playing field. The thicker the slate is the better your pool table will play. We recently delivered and installed a 4.5 x 9 foot Ultimate Scottsdale by Connelly Billiards to our client from Lakewood, CA. The Ultimate features two inch thick slates. The slates are so heavy that Connelly decided to start making them with four pieces of slate instead of the usual three. Smart move guys because at 300 pounds a piece my assistant and I could just barely manage the walk from my van to the client’s gameroom. I would hate to think of the old days when Connelly used to make their Ultimates with 3 pc. slates.

The install went fine, a little longer than usual because leveling a four piece slate pool table takes 50% more time to do. My client chose maple wood with a milano stain. For his cloth he chose banker’s grey. We recently took an order for another Ultimate, this one was only an eight footer though. But I just heard that the eight footers are still three piece slates. Yikes!!