Moving Your Slate Pool Table Correctly.

Moving your slate pool table is not something you want to wait til the last minute to handle. Take this solid oak, eight foot Peter Vitalie pool table in Fullerton, CA. Our clients were doing some home remodeling and when it came time to move their three piece slate pool table, they assumed the flooring contractors would handle it. When the flooring crew arrived they tried lifting the pool table so they could begin removing the old carpeting, it wouldn’t budge. This was a big obstacle that halted the demo work until the homeowners could contact a local billiard mechanic to properly disassemble their slate pool table. We were the only pool table movers in Orange County who were able to come out the same day and breakdown this very heavy three piece slate Vitalie pool table. As it turns out the table was over 20 years old and had “dead” cushions. So along with their gameroom remodel, our clients decided to do a full pool table restoration. Which meant we’d be replacing the cushion rubber, pool table felt and installing a new set of #6 antique style leather pockets.