What Size Pool Table Will Best Fit?

When you hear someone say, “I’ve got an eight foot pool table,” a foot doesn’t ever equal 12 inches. What I mean by that is, a standard size pool table, typically 4×8 foot, measures 55×99 inches when measuring from the outside of the rails. But, that’s neither four nor eight feet. And, to confuse you even further, when measuring the playing field of a 4×8 foot pool table, you’ll come up with 44×88 inches. Now let’s drop down one pool table size to a seven footer or “bar size” table as most folks call it. A seven foot pool table’s playing surface (between the cushions) measures 39 by 78 inches. That isn’t seven feet either.

The best rule of thumb to live by when trying to figure out pool table sizes in relation to room sizes, is to allow enough space for your cuestick back swing. Most standard size pool cues are 58 inches. So, you’ll want to allow at least that amount of distance from the playfield dimensions of your particular size of pool table. In the previous paragraph I mentioned two sizes of pool tables, the eight foot (standard size) and the smaller seven foot version (bar size). There are also two larger size pool tables available, the pro eight foot and the “tournament size” nine foot pool table. Their playfield dimensions are 46×92 inches and 50×100 inches respectively. If the room you’re planning on installing your pool table is a little too narrow or a little too short, don’t fret. You can do one of two simple things. The first thing you can do is purchase a smaller size pool table. For example, if a standard size eight foot table is a little too large, you can always drop down in table size to free up some space. The second thing to do would be to purchase smaller size cue sticks. We have pool cues ranging in size from 36 inches to 52 inches to be used whenever you’ve got a particular shot where your cue stick is too close to one of your walls.