Quality Slate Pool Tables for Sale

Whether you’re looking to spend under two grand for a new slate pool table or over ten thousand dollars, knowing the difference between the two is important. Sure you can find a used pool table for less cash, but knowing what to look for may save you hundreds of dollars in unforeseen repairs. From the outside all pool tables may look alike, but underneath the felt is where a top quality pool table starts. All of our pool tables for sale are made of slate. Slate is a very heavy, very flat stone which is primarily used by good quality pool table manufacturers. The only way to know if a pool table uses slate as it’s playing field is to take a look underneath the table. Slate is always medium to dark grey in color and is cool to the touch. Beware, some unscrupulous pool table manufacturers and/or vendors use terms such as slatron or slatec to mislead consumers into thinking that it’s genuine slate. Do your homework, kick the tires and look under the hood before you buy your next pool table!