Is Buying a Used Pool Table Smart?

Buying a new or used pool table is a great way to fill an empty room with tons of fun. There are pros and cons to buying a used pool table. The biggest pro to buying used is the fact that you’ll save a ton of cash, but the cons can easily outweigh the pros so do your homework. The first thing to consider when buying a used pool table is how well do the cushions react when you bank a ball from any of the rails. If the used pool table you’re interested in is between 7-15 years old you want to make sure all the cushion rubber rebounds properly. You could be in for a big added expense if you buy a pool table with “dead” cushion rubber.

The second and most important thing to consider is whether or not the pool table has been improperly moved by an inexperienced pool table mover. The fact is many pool table owners think it’s fine to round up four to five people and attempt to move a slate pool table from one place to another. And as you know, some people in this world are not the most forthcoming when it comes to revealing the facts about the condition of their property being sold. Make sure you crawl underneath the pool table with a flashlight and thoroughly inspect all four legs and legs mounts for signs of damage and/or loose nuts, bolts or screws. Also it would be a good idea to inspect the slate from underneath the pool table as well. Usually if a piece of slate has a large crack in it the crack will be visible from the bottom side.

And lastly, if you’re buying a used pool table that’s already disassembled, make sure to inventory the parts and make sure they’re all there. Buying a pool table that’s already been disassembled is fine, actually it’s better in some regards. You’ll be able to inspect each piece of slate (3 pieces) for any cracks or damage. The downside to purchasing a used table in this condition is you’ll have to physically check each inch of cushion rubber on each of the six rails for any signs of hardness or stiffness at the nose of the cushion.