What Size Pool Table to Buy?

If you’re contemplating buying a new or used pool table the most important thing to consider is whether or not the pool tables for sale will fit into your room. Right off the bat you should know that a slate pool table can come in four different sizes ranging from seven to nine feet long. However, the most common size pool table is going to be an eight by four foot, which has a playfield area of 44 by 88 inches. There is one smaller size pool table available which is less common called a “bar size” pool table. Obviously the smaller your pool table is the smaller your room needs to be. The most common size cuestick is 57-58 inches in length and giving yourself a couple of extra inches for stroking the cue is always nice. For more info on pool table size versus room size check out our game room planning guide. Also keep in mind that if your pool table has a couple of “tight spots” we offer pool cue sticks in shorter lengths too!