The Sun’s Damaging Effects

Tips For Keeping Your Felt From Fading…

We recently refelted this eight foot Olhausen pool table from camel to Dk. Green. It had only been about five years since the Lake Forest, CA residents had their pool table recovered last. Unfortunately the room that this standard size pool table is in gets tons of natural light which fades or even changes the color of billiard cloth. If you have your pool table setup is in a room which gets a lot of sunlight you may want to consider purchasing a heavy duty cover to keep the ultraviolet rays from damaging your felt. If you look at my second picture you’ll see the dramatic difference between where the sunlight faded the previous camel billiard cloth and what it looked like originally, underneath the rails. Some of our clients choose not to keep their billiard tables covered up. If you’re one of those folks you may want to consider having a UV blocking window film installed on all of your windows to keep your pool table and other furniture from fading out.

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  1. Is there any type of spray or material you can put on the table cloth to prevent it from fading? Already use a cover to keep night air and dust off the table. Is the any type of material you can put on the table return the color?

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