Moving a Slate Pool Table the Right Way

The Safest Way to Move a Slate Pool Table…

If you or someone you know is thinking about moving a pool table without first disassembling it. Think twice before ruining a perfectly good slate pool table. Most pool tables are very heavy because they’re made out of slate. Slate is a very heavy, smooth type of stone which is primarily used by billiard table manufacturers. Knowing this you may be thinking of rounding up three or four of your strongest friends and simply trying to man-handle a slate pool table. I’m all for do it yourselfers, but to potentially ruin a perfectly fine billiard table is beyond me. Please do yourself a favor. Spare the man-power and properly disassemble your slate pool table before possibly damaging it or causing injury to one of your friends. If you need tips on how or where to start disassembling a particular pool table, give us a call before something or someone gets hurt.

2 thoughts on “Moving a Slate Pool Table the Right Way”

  1. I didn’t know that you need to disassemble a pool table before trying to move it! I was thinking about trying the process out myself. I think you’ve convinced me to contact a professional, though. Thanks!

    • Luke, that’s a good idea to hire a pro when trying to move a slate pool table. It’s not impossible to do yourself as long as you correctly disassemble the pool table and carefully move the pieces. Now reassembling the pool table is another story altogether. I have instructed many folks who wanted to save money on moving a pool table and haven’t had one person not able to follow my disassembly instructions.
      Best regards, PTK.

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