Newport Beach Billiard Install

Here’s a recent Olhausen Billiard table we re-installed for our Newport Beach, CA client. The client has an eight foot three piece slate table setup in their two car garage. Most garage floors are pretty unlevel but this one was really bad. It took over three .25 inch shims under each of the legs nearest the garage door. I usually always do a pre-level before we put the slates on top of the cabinet. Once we’ve center leveled the cabinet, we lay each piece of slate and secure them to the cabinet with 2-3 inch slate screws. At this point I’ll put my level on the slatebed to isolate which of the end slates is the highest. Once I’ve determined which is highest I loosen the slate screws and insert flat shims in between the slate and pool table cabinet. I move my level into three different positions making sure the bubble reads level across the entire width of the first slate. Now I repeat this process on the remaining two pieces of slate and voila you’ve got a perfectly flat and level three piece slate pool table. Next I’ll seal the two slate seams and fill any slate screw holes that are within the playing surface with melted bees wax. With a very sharp four inch scraper blade I’ll remove all excess wax from seams and holes leaving your slate ready some new or existing pool table felt.