Marble Top Fischer Pool Table

Pleasant Pool Table Surprise

Most pool tables have slate tops. This 1974 Fischer however, has a three piece marble top.

We were called out to this Garden Grove, California home to move the pool table from its upstairs location downstairs. Finding the three piece marble was a nice surprise, since we were actually bracing ourselves for a one piece move with stairs (our least favorite move).

This was the 40 year old table’s first refelt. Ever. Not only that, the original cushion rubber was still good! With new dark green cloth, this mini face lift gives a fresh look to a classic table. The new location is perfect for this family, who looks forward to many more years of billiard play.

6 thoughts on “Marble Top Fischer Pool Table”

  1. Hi, My name is Richard Deadman. I have this same Fischer table, except it is a one piece 7/8 thick regulation size marble top. It was a fathers day gift for my Dad back around 1974. I’ve had it for the last 30 odd years moving from one place to place from Michigan to Florida back to Michigan and then back to Florida again, with a few stops in between. Well hopefully this is the last move, I’m getting old and its getting heavy!!! LOL Would you happen to know where I could get some new rail corner caps and pockets for it? Or maybe the model number or name for this table?

      • Nice table but one piece slates are obsolete now in the realm of home pool tables. Consider giving it away to a friend, neighbor or just someone who will have the funds to pay for moving the pool table from your location to theirs. One piece slate pool tables are a pain in the rear to move and are more costly to hire a pool table mover. If there are any flights of stairs in the mix, well, then you could be looking at very costly pool table move.
        Best wishes, PTK.

  2. i believe i have a same model as shown in this article but how can i be sure, the only major differences (without knowing much about pool tables and that can be seen from picture) is the labels are reversed and the legs don’t have the panel making it look like two solids, so you can see thru… anyway you could help me find out more about mine without actually coming up to see it?

    • There were so many of these tables made; all built in a similar fashion. I’m not sure I could tell you anything about your table that hasn’t been written here already.

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