Custom Aluminum Tiered Pool Table

Mar 26, 2014

Custom Contemporary Billiard Table

Check out this American Made contemporary pool table we just delivered and installed in Huntington Beach, California. This family was looking for a unique, modern pool table for their coastal home. They chose an aluminum-covered wood base (perfect for salty air exposure) and deeply stained oak top rails to provide contrast. Solid construction to support the three-piece, one-inch slate for a quality playing surface.

Did you know a pool table can be made out of nearly any material? Concrete, metal, wood, or any combination of those items. Antique style, modern style, or contemporary, DK Billiards can find the perfect fit for your game room, without breaking the budget. Whether modifying an existing design or dreaming one up on your own, we can turn your ideas into reality. Please contact us for more information on our custom design billiard line.