After a few years of fun with a non-slate pool table, this San Juan Capistrano couple knew they were ready for an upgrade. Balls didn’t roll true on the playing surface and the lack of accuracy became frustrating for the homeowner. Unable to get consistent play, he and his wife paid a visit to our Orange County billiard showroom. We were happy to help him take his game to the next level with a brand new 7′ Warm Chestnut Dutchess.

The solid maple frame of the Dutchess supports the weight of the three piece, one inch slate with ease. The perfectly milled (and properly leveled) stone creates the truest roll and will never warp. The high quality Teflon camel billiard cloth, plays fast and smooth. Dyed leather pockets catch balls with ease and K-66 cushions will provide excellent bounce for many years to come.

Gone are the plastic legs and crooked shots. Great games are here to stay, without breaking the budget. A slate pool table can be an affordable investment and provide fun and entertainment for generations to come.