This drop pocket Beach Mfg. billiard table was recently setup in Laguna Beach, California. This home was being staged for sale, and the pool table was a featured element. It was previously disassembled by a moving company, then the pieces were left for us to setup in the gameroom.

Professional setup is key to having a pool table play properly from the get go. Inexperienced installers sometimes rush the process, hoping that you will not notice a slight drift of the ball or difficulty making a rail shot. Pool table leveling and setup takes time and experience. Even on jobs like these, where the pool table is just a showpiece, we still go the extra mile. The table could possibly be negotiated into the sale and stay right where it is. If that happens, it will be perfectly level and ready for the next owner.

Whether your billiard table was disassembled and moved for new flooring or in storage for many years, DK Billiard Service can get you back in the game.