Beach Gets a New Home

This gently used 8′ Beach pool table found a home in La Palma, California. Our customers were looking for a used pool table, but not willing to compromise on quality or style. Often times, used pool tables are in need of costly repairs. This, on top of the cost of the move, may leave you more out of pocket than you first budgeted for. Our small selection of used pool tables, is carefully curated to get you a great playing slate table at a reasonable price.

It is very important to do your research on any used pool table you are looking to purchase. Brand, age, size, location are all are important details to know. Knowing these things will help you (and us) estimate the entire cost of the project. Style and stain are secondary, yet still important. It is not easy, nor is it cheap to change the look of a pool table. Re-staining or changing legs for instance, are expensive. If you don’t like the overall look, it may be wise to move on to another table.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions and Service Price List to familiarize yourself with the pool table buying process. Also, don’t forget that you can search a brand name on our blog.

4 thoughts on “Beach Gets a New Home”

  1. I have an 8′ Beach BBS Special II that was hardly used that I would like to sell but don’t have a clue how to value it or where to sell it. Any ideas??

    • Mary I’d consider donating it to boys and girls club or church youth group. Or you can always give it to a loved one or co-workers. Best regards, David Kay.

    • Hello Doug, Beach Mfg. made many models of pool tables. All are very well made, depending on which model dictates the price of the pool table. Best, Dave.

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