Disassembling a Four Piece Slate Billiard Table

This Bullock Billiard table from the early 1900s needed to be disassembled in preparation for a long distance move. The Dana Point, California residents are moving and needed their antique taken apart and slates crated for the moving company to pack and transport.

This hundred year old table, like all antiques, required a bit extra time and knowledge when working on it.The antique top mount pockets and rails were removed using a special key is used to remove the bolts. Special crates were constructed to house the extra thick, four pieces of slate. Cloth was carefully removed, neatly folded and placed with the hardware to ensure reassembly goes smoothly. When the table reaches its destination, the local installer will have all the pieces to get our customer playing again.

2 thoughts on “Disassembling a Four Piece Slate Billiard Table”

  1. Is it always necessary to install new felt on the playing surface and/or on the rail cushions of a used pool table once it is disassembled, moved, and re-assembled and leveled at a different location? Thanx.

    • Hello Vin, no it’s not necessary to refelt a pool table if it is properly and carefully disassembled. I have one caveat to this rule, if the felt is worsted wool the felt will almost always need replacement due to the restretching limitations of this type of cloth (such as Simonis). Some modification can be done to the slate liner to facilitate an easier restretch. No need to recover the rails UNLESS you’re looking for a perfect color match between the existing rail cloth and the potentially new piece of felt you would be installing on the slate (if necessary)
      Best regards, David.

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