2 thoughts on “Meow! Cats Help Disassemble AMF”

  1. You did say, feel free to contact you if i had any questions. LOL Question: to take rails off, only the 3 bolts underneath. Also, Billiard mechanic wants a corner pocket and a side pocket sent to him. Would he meant the pocket inserts, I hope. He is on vacation & Im goinn g to drop them off on the way to my vacation… so I didn’t want to bother him. Thanks again
    Dave, I keep running into your site. LOL Not much online about these old AMF’s. Found a 1963 Brunswick commercial online with a bowling alley full of gold crowns. looks eerily like a AMF. Anyway, gave installers a shoot at tightening rails. Not good. So I got a guy that has a bunch of jigs.

    I will send you a couple picks of the werk. they were nice enough..

    • Hey Dean, yes you’re correct in assuming the 3 bolts per rail is the correct way to disassemble most pool tables. Your billiard mechanic may be referring to the corner and side pocket rail castings. AMF and Brunswick have very similar commercial pool table designs, both are built with commercial use in mind. Both are excellent work horses but obviously Gold Crowns are more well known and sought after. ACME Billiards in Los Angeles, CA makes a very well made, commercial pool table too. Best wishes, PTK.

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