The billiard brands we have chosen to represent may not be the biggest names in the billiard industry, but they also don’t spend millions of dollars on advertising their brand name. We strongly feel this directly affects the price of more “well known” pool table brands. We have carefully chosen the brands we represent for their outstanding quality, aesthetics and value to make your game room the best it can possibly be. From our slate pool tables to our billiard supplies and game room furniture, we take pride in the products we offer.

Our Import pool tables by the C.L. Bailey Co. and Imperial International are all assembled right here in our Orange County, CA shop. We use state of the art tools, clamps, precision levels and all steel brackets and fasteners so that your Import pool table will look and play just like our Behemoth Competitor’s pool table. And, we do it for a fraction of the other guys’ price!

If buying an American made pool table is important to you, then take a look at the A.E. Schmidt and Connelly Billiards pool table collections, which are manufactured completely in the U.S.A. Your table can be customized with your choice of wood species, stain, custom finishes, and more.

Each pool table we sell comes standard with a minimum of one inch thick, permanently framed genuine slate and B.C.A. approved cushion rubber.* The choice is simple, we give you the most value for your dollar. Visit our Orange County pool table showroom today to find out what makes us different from our competitors!

*There are a few exceptions to this rule; The fusionTable’s unique construction supports an unframed 3/4″ slate, as do most coin operated and some used pool table models.