Garage Anniversary

Pool tables can be stored indefinitely, as long as they are properly disassembled. This Brunswick Anniversary circa 1960 was previously taken apart and its nine foot slates crated a few years ago for safe keeping. Our customers were not willing to sell or get rid of their midcentury gem, knowing the time would eventually come … Read more

FusionTable Purple

Often, our customers lean toward neutral colors for felt on their pool tables. The Aramith FusionTable is one exception. Due to its modern design and the fact the playing field remains covered by the included dining tops (not shown in these images, sorry), FusionTable owners choose bold colors as a fun design customization. The FusionTable … Read more

White Oak Aluminum Modern Dining

The Aramith Fusion is an excellent choice for those seeking a more modern look for their pool table. In its lowered position, with the dining leaves in place, the Fusion looks like a sleek dining table. But, using its lift-lock system, the table quickly transforms into a slate pool table. Optional bench seating provides a … Read more