Garage Anniversary

Pool tables can be stored indefinitely, as long as they are properly disassembled. This Brunswick Anniversary circa 1960 was previously taken apart and its nine foot slates crated a few years ago for safe keeping. Our customers were not willing to sell or get rid of their midcentury gem, knowing the time would eventually come … Read more

Mountain Rustic Gameroom with Shuffleboard

This vacation cabin in Mammoth Lakes, California found the perfect rustic pool table and shuffleboard combination. The Elkhorn series features solid wood framing with a dark, scraped finish. The 12′ shuffleboard has an extra thick, solid maple playing surface coated with resin for superb play. High quality adjustments underneath make for a perfectly level slide. The matching … Read more

Two New Dining Pool Table Options

The first addition to the Aramith Fusion lineup is the FusionTable WoodLine. The Woodline is a mix of sleek and minimalistic design with natural components. The wood tops and rails are carried on through to the base and legs, softening the industrial look of standard Fusion. Clean lines keep it contemporary and easy to pair with Fusion benches or your … Read more