FusionTable Rock Reverso Option

FusionTable Rock Reverso Option


Two-Sided Dining Top Option. Stone-look highly durable ceramic on one side, wood veneer on the other. This option available as an upgrade on any FusionTable model.

Ceniza/Walnut Veneer top shown. Call Dave with any questions 714-620-4001.

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Aramith Rock Reverso option allows you to create a changing ambiance in your dining room by providing two different surfaces in one conceptual table top: one face is covered by wood veneer, the other by ceramic. Rock Reverso is the most resilient surface you can specify for your Fusion pool table. Long lasting and easy to maintain, this exclusive and modern material presents antibacterial and antifungal properties and is superbly environmentally friendly as the raw materials used to produce the panel are from recycled sources, removing the impact of extracting new stone.

The 3mm TECHLAM® panels, selected for our Rock Reverso Collection, provides the final touch to produce perfect modern furniture pieces with a beautiful contemporary design.



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