• Solid Aspen wood body, rails and post legs, all steel sub-frame w/ precision levelers for the truest roll on the market. Matching 4 piece dining top is included. Features 1" framed slate, leather internal drop pockets and K66 cushion rubber for a responsive rebound.
  • • 7 & 8-ft. Billiard Table with 1-inch K pattern backed slate • Solid wood rails, blinds, subframe and legs • Pedestal leg design with iron bar crossbeam • Internal leather drop pockets • Metal rail sites • Includes dining top
  • Viking

    • Dining Top Conversion included
    • Your Felt Color Your Choice
    • Rustic Wood Pool Table
    • Antique Oak Finish
    • Vintage Trestle Style Legs
    • Restoration Hardware Inspired
    • Table Size: 7' or 8’
    • Pockets: Leather Drop
    • Slate: 1″ Framed
    • Diamond sites: Cast Iron
  • Available in 7 or 8 Foot Sizes. Weathered grey oak finish with iron bar legs and crossbar. The table features leather internal drop pockets, metal rail sites, K66 cushion rubber, and 1-inch backed slate. Four piece matching dining top included. Matching 12' Shuffleboard Table available

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