Antique Monarch Into Pieces

Brunswick Balke Collender Moves Out This antique 9′ billiard table from 1875 was recently disassembled as the Corona del Mar, California residence is prepared for sale. The nearly 140 year old table will be sent to auction in Los Angeles. Antique pool table rails are different than modern ones. They bolt through the side into … Read more

Brunswick Balke Collender Nonpareil

We had the pleasure of working on this 125+ year old Brunswick Balke Collender Nonpareil billiard table. It was fully restored in the 1980’s. New slate and rails were custom built at that time by Adler to replace the aging beauty’s key components. Now 35 years later, the cushion rubber (and faded purple felt) needed … Read more

Antique BBC Stays in the Family

Brunswick-Balke-Collender Billiard Table Experts… This antique Brunswick pool table has been installed here in this Garden Grove, CA home for 40 years. As a child our client used to play on this old Brunswick whenever she’d visit Grandma and Grandpa’s house. So when she and her husband and their two sons recently moved from Orange, … Read more