FusionTable Purple

Often, our customers lean toward neutral colors for felt on their pool tables. The Aramith FusionTable is one exception. Due to its modern design and the fact the playing field remains covered by the included dining tops (not shown in these images, sorry), FusionTable owners choose bold colors as a fun design customization. The FusionTable … Read more

5 Things We Love About the Aramith Fusion

If your home doesn’t have a dedicated game room, a dining/pool table combination might be the answer. The Aramith Fusion is a 2-in-1 that steals the show. The FusionTable is so very sleek. It has an ultra low profile frame that leaves all other dining combos in the dust. Welded steel and special pockets keep … Read more

Pool Table for Beach House

Grey Powder Coat with Walnut Aramith Fusion This Aramith Fusion Table looks great in this Manhattan Beach, California home. The dining table/pool table combination is a perfect fit for this space, giving family and friends space to gather. The walnut rails and dining leaves match the adjacent French doors opening to the outside patio. The … Read more