DK Billiards at The Cherry Pit

Aug 19, 2009

Yesterday, was my new apprentice Kevin’s first day doing a bar table refelt. When we arrived at 10 am we were greeted by a not-so-happy, drunk bar patron. He didn’t like that we were making so much “noise” that early in the morning. Luckily he left without causing too much of a scene. Not like the incident which caused one patron of “The Helm” to be 86’d for life. That’s another story involving my ball polishing machine and said patron’s foot. Back to The Cherry Pit. We had a pretty routine morning involving changing some really old pool table felt that I had installed two years ago. On this particular Tuesday morning, the Coors beer guy was in there covering a wall with new signage. Everything went very well, considering that the area where the pool tables area was right next to the wall being plastered with new signage. This made an already small bar, seem a little bit smaller, such as bumping elbows and butts while working! After that job, Kevin and I headed to a client’s garage to drop off an old 9′ pool table we had picked up on Saturday. Long story short, the client’s house sold but escrow did not close on his new house. which left his pool table “homeless”. When Tuesday rolled around escrow still had not closed, so my client’s Brother offered up his garage to store the pool table. This was great news to me because I had to pick up another pool table to be moved to Costa Mesa. Just another day in the life of the “Pool Table King”.