A Little Imagination Goes a Long Way

Jun 11, 2010

harley21A few months back a nice gentleman named Ben purchased some cloth from us. He explained that he had a cabin in the mountains of Wrightwood, CA and wanted to refelt his own table. He picked up his special ordered orange rail cloth and he went his way. Today, Ben walked through the door with a handful of photos. Not only had he refelted his old Valley coin-operated pool table, but he painted and modified it to be something incredible. Hand painted flames on the slick black body look awesome. The metal corners were ground down, buffed with a special technique and then glossed with a candy tangerine. He drilled out the sites and replaced them with Budweiser and Bud Lite bottle caps. A Harley Davidson decal seals the deal. The diamond plated legs are still a work in progress. I was blown away at the incredible imagination and ingenuity of the custom cue holder (it’s that metal oval looking thing). Ben has promised to bring us some pictures of his custom candied triangle if we can get some more orange felt for his buddy. We’ll keep you updated!