Hall of Shame: Poor Installation

Jun 16, 2010

DSC00048We know that everyone is trying to save money that every dollar counts. But where do you draw the line? We came upon this beautiful Monticello pool table by Presidential Billiards. The family had just moved from Texas to Coto de Caza, CA and was in a hurry to get their pool table setup. The company that came in had a very low price, but also did the poorest job we’ve seen in a while. The photos below illustrate why haste makes waste. Pockets and rails were not snug or aligned. Table was not leveled at all. There were no shims under the legs and the three-piece slate was all out of whack. Balls were falling on the floor due to inexperienced/lazy installers not attaching the pockets in the right position. Minnesota Fats was rolling in his grave. The re-setup took so long, we didn’t have time to do what we were called out to do – refelt the pool table. We’ll post a photo of the finished table when we return with the newly refelted rails and put the new bed cloth on.