1970s Murrey Pool Table

Jun 25, 2010

Here is a recent job in La Habra Heights,CA. Our customer is re-carpeting the floor in the Billiard Room, so our job was to disassemble this 1970’s Murrey “La Grande” pool table. When we arrived at the home, I took a look under the pool table to see whether it was a one or a three piece slate. I wasn’t too surprised to see that this particular pool table was a one piece slate. What was really out of the ordinary, was that Murrey used an over-sized one piece slate on this model. The overall slate measured 51″x95″, larger than all other one piece slate pool tables of this vintage. Standard 8′ one-piece slates measure 47.5″x91.5″ and weigh in around 450lbs. I’m sure that this oversized slate probably weighed over 500lbs. I’m really glad my assistant and I only had to carry it about 15 feet outside. Hallmark Carpets in La Habra, CA will be installing the new flooring now that we’ve disassembled and moved the pool table. The homeowner is going to have us refelt the pool table in Std. Green when we come back for the set-up. Before we un-bolted the rails I did a bounce test and noticed that some of the cushions were “dead”. When I mentioned this to the homeowner, she told me that they were the original cushions. She decided to have us replace all of the rubber, so we packed up the rails and took them to the shop to be recushioned. When we return to the home, this 1970s Murrey pool table will look and play like new! Thanks to Gene at Hallmark.