Classic Oak Beauty

Jul 6, 2010

This is a C.L. Bailey “Forsyth”. This pool table is solid oak with medium oak stain. We delivered this beauty to a nice couple in Lake Forest, CA on Saturday. Oak isn’t as popular as it once was, this is only one of a few oak pool tables we have sold in the last six years. Maple is by far the wood of choice these days. I’m sure oak wood will make a comeback one of these years. As with all C.L. Bailey pool tables, the “Forsyth” is made entirely of solid wood, no MDF is used anywhere in this model. The “Forsyth” features double inter-locking width and length structural beams. These beams effortlessly support the weight of the one inch, three piece slate bed (515lbs.). Furthermore, this pool table also features all steel corner brackets which solidly connects the cabinet corners and the legs together. The brackets are secured to the inside of the cabinet using steel bolts which thread directly into steel receivers embedded in the wood.