Pool Table del Cabo

Jul 14, 2010

We pride ourselves on being an Orange County based pool table company. Although most of our clients are in the greater Orange County area, there are special circumstances when we do go outside the area. In this case, WAY outside the area. This past weekend I was flown down to the tip of Baja California, Cabo San Lucas to be exact. Our client found us online and fell in love with an eight foot Fischer “Modena”. He told me that he had  built a beach house and wondered if he were to transport the pool table all the way down to Mexico, would I be interested in flying down to install it. I said, SURE!

I expedited a passport, booked a flight out of John Wayne Airport, and just like that, DK Billiards became an international pool table installation company.

This was the funnest pool table install ever, I’ll never forget this job.

Muchas gracias, Senior Ernie