The Great Pool Table Trade

Aug 18, 2010

We were called out to do an interesting job last week. A nice fellow from Costa Mesa, CA explained to us that he had a 7′ Brunswick pool table set up in his game room. He also had recently a acquired a pro. 8′ Renaissance pool table from a friend  whom he plays pool with weekly. Apparently he and the other members of the “billiards club” felt that playing on the current seven-footer was becoming less challenging.

So when we arrived in Costa Mesa, we disassembled the 7′ Brunswick Glenwood and loaded it up into our trailer. We then located all of the pieces to the Renaissance, uncrated the three pieces of slate. We brought the cabinet inside the the game room bolted the legs on then positioned it for optimum playability. The Renaissance  had Simonis 860 a.k.a. worsted cloth, a.k.a. pro cloth already on the rails so our customer purchased a new piece of Simonis for the bed. After I leveled the frame to the floor we brought in the three pieces of slate and set them down and secured them to the frame. I balanced and leveled each piece of slate perfectly using my Starrett 98 precision machinist’s level. After leveling the slate bed I sealed the seams with bee’s wax for a smooth to the touch feel. After stretching on the Simonis 860 we installed the rails and blind aprons.

Bob’s new old Renaissance pool table was ready for action later that evening. After finishing up Bob’s table we left Costa Mesa for Huntington Beach, CA. Thats where the new owner of the 7′ Brunswick lived. When we arrived in h.b. the room was ready for positioning the smaller pool table. The room was a little on the short side but luckily there were some shorter cues to compensate for the lack of space. We placed the frame in the room with enough space on three sides leaving the head of  the table a little tight on the two corner pockets, but no problem with the use of a 48″ “short cue”. We leveled the frame and slates, stretched the felt back on and installed the rails and pockets. We fastened the rail bolt nuts and secured the leather baskets and poof, the great pool table trade was history.