Before and After: 25 year old gem

Aug 20, 2010

We started this job out, in a garage in Newport Beach, CA. This is where this pro eight foot Beach Mfg. pool table had been for a few years while its owners had been searching for a new home. It also served as entertainment for their son while he attended college. Well, college is over and daddy wants his pool table back. A beautiful home in San Juan Capistrano, CA is the new place of residence for this gem of a pool table. The owners of this Beach Billiards custom pool table wanted us to refurbish it completely. When we arrived at the new home, we figured out the best position for this plus-sized table. We wrapped up the rails and brought them back to the shop to be re-cushioned and recovered. The owners chose mahogany cloth and new brown leather fringed pockets. The pool table looked great in the room, with new felt, cushions and pockets the table looked and played like new!

Thanks for doing a great job. the table plays great and looks fantastic in our new home!