Going Green After 3 Years

Aug 28, 2010

That’s right, UCI’s Vista del Campo in Irvine, CA  is going “green”. New green felt that is. As you can see in the pics, we are replacing the three year old Championship Champrint cloth with Aramith’s 24oz. worsted tournament cloth. I’m sure some of the better pool players at VDC will really appreciate the upgrade in cloth. The Championship printed cloth was cool looking because it had the VDC logo on it, but it was a woolen cloth. Woolen cloth tends to play quite a bit slower than worsted cloth, because a woolen cloth like championship’s has what’s called nap on the playing surface. This nap tends to slow the ball’s momentum when rolling. Some of you may be familiar with a type of billiard cloth called Simonis. Simonis is a worsted cloth, meaning it has no nap on the playing surface. Aramith Tournament cloth is also a worsted cloth. AT has very similar characteristics to Simonis 860. AT cloth is a newcomer to the Billiard Industry. The manufacturer however, is not new to the Industry. Belgium’s Saluc S.A. has been producing the world’s finest billiard balls for over half of a century. The benefits of using AT cloth over a conventional woolen cloth are great. You can enjoy tournament quality play on your own pool table, while saving some “green” too. On average, the cost of AT cloth over Simonis cloth is approximately $20-25 dollars per yard less. I have personally installed AT cloth on dozens of  pool tables in commercial environments such as sportsbars. The AT cloth will stand the test of time and when it’s broken in, has that same smooth look to it that Simonis does. For the designer type folks, AT cloth is available in 12 popular colors. Please visit our showroom to see it in person.