Ole’s Tavern Pool Table Refelting

Sep 9, 2010

Here we are at Ole’s Tavern in beautiful downtown San Clemente, CA. It was cool and overcast on Tuesday morning when we showed up to recover the two pool tables. The seven-foot Global pool tables had been previously recovered with Championship’s Tour Edition euro blue cloth. The bar’s cleaning crew had made the mistake of using Armor-all to polish the pool table rails. This left an oily residue which was transferred to the felt. Then when a player would touch the felt with their hands, some not so clean. After a couple of months, the felt started to become black in certain areas. So, needless to say, the felt looked bad, but it wasn’t worn out.

Mark, one of the owners, on the recommendation of his business partner, decided to have us refelt the pool tables. We replaced the tour edition cloth with Aramith’s 24oz. Worsted Tournament cloth. I believe this cloth to be a rival to Simonis 860. It looks and plays the same, and costs about $15-$20 bucks a yard less. The two Global pool tables were in great shape, considering they were only a couple of years old. The only slight problem I encountered, was when we re-leveled the front pool table. I noticed that two diagonally opposing corners were low. Confused, I thought to myself, how is this possible? If I tried to raise slightly one corner, this would severely affect the opposite corner. After a while of chasing the bubble in my level, I decided to stop using the leg levelers. I loosened the two end rails and placed a small shim underneath the slate of the two low corners and re-tightened the rail bolts. This seemed to help the problem. The other pool table was the total opposite, it leveled up perfectly with the use of the leg levelers.