Before and After: Rock It ‘Til the Pockets Fall Off

Sep 18, 2010

We finally received the rails from Golden West Billiard Manufacturing and were able to go back over to Park Plaza in Orange, CA. We sent one of the old rails up to Oregon so that Don could have one of his master craftsmen stain the new rail set. When I opened up the box, I was amazed at how closely the new rails matched the old. When we installed the pockets they fit perfectly, with no more big gaps between the leather and the rail. I was pretty amazed that despite Golden West moving their factory from California to Oregon and somewhat re-designing and re-tooling their pool table designs, the rails fit up rather well on this 25-year-old table. Now, let the games begin at Park Plaza. Please, just don’t park your derriere on the pool table anymore. 🙂